List of Famous Modern Tunnels

The most famous modern tunnels:

  • Woodhead , 3.5 mile tunnel that was dug for the purposes of Manchester-Sheffield Railroad in 1845.
  • Hoosac Tunnel , first large tunnel in United States. It was but over the period of 20 years (finished in 1876) and was 4.5 miles long. This was one of the first tunnel constructions which used the power of the dynamite to cut through the rocks, power drums, and compressed-air systems.
  • Mont Cenis Tunnel , fist great tunnel networks in the Alps Mountains. They were 8.5 mile long.
  • London underground metro network was made in 1860s. Initially they dug deep trenches, installed support and then covered them up with dirt.
  • Simplon Tunnel was the longest tunnel in the world between 1906 when it was made, all up to 1982. This tunnel linked Paris and Milan and was 19.7 kilometers long.
  • With its length of 154 km, Thirlmere Aqueduct in the UK is the world’s longest tunnel.
  • Largest undersea tunnel is Seikan Tunnel in Japan (53.9 km).
  • Longest railway tunnel is Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland (57 km).
Modern Tunnel
  • Longest tunnel intended for car transport is Lærdal Tunnel, Norway (24.5 km).
Modern Tunnel
Modern Tunnel