Bridge and Tunnel History

Ancient Bridge

History of bridges started in ancient times, and ever since then architect and engineers improved them to the point they are today – mighty structures that span mountains, lakes and oceans. Find out more about incredible history of bridges and tunnels here.

Ancient Bridges

Ancient Roman bridges represent one of the greatest wonders of our history, and a starting point of the bridge engineering. Here you can find out more about roman techniques and building processes that have inspired the work of countless modern architects.

Wooden Bridges

Even though wooden bridges are cannot last as long as stone bridges or cannot carry as much load as steel bridges, they have several advantages that made them very popular across the world. Find out more about wooden bridges here.

History of Tunnels

Together with the advancements in bridge building technologies, tunnels also received much attention by engineers who wanted to expand road, passenger and water networks across entire world. Here is their story.

Famous Tunnels

Today, new form of transport enabled spreading of tunnels across entire world. Here you can find list of the most famous tunnels of the modern world.

Undersea Tunnel History and Facts

How are underwater tunnels built? How do they build tunnels undersea? Tunnels built under the rivers, lakes and seabed are now common, and they can be found all over the world. Here can be found not only their origins but also examples of most impressive underwater structures.