Rainbow Bridge Texas

Rainbow Bridge Texas

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Aren Cambre


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Rainbow Bridge in Texas

Rainbow Bridge in Texas spans the shores of River Neches. This impressive bridge was built to accommodate passage of largest ships and sea platforms built in the United States, leading to the elevation of its main span to impressive 177 feet (54 meters). Partly shaped like a rainbow, this bridge adopted this name in 1957.

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Bifröst, the legendary rainbow bridge of the Nordic gods has managed to become the most popular mythological bridge of them all. Shrouded in mystery and described in only a few surviving literary documents, this bridge continues to inspire new generations even today.

Rainbow Bridge Pets

Rainbow Bridge is a popular story and poem that is aimed to provide relief to the owners who have lost pets. Created during the late 1980s and early 1990s, the concept of rainbow bridge paradise for pets gained great popularity all over the world. Most commonly accepted aspect of this modern myth is a term “crossed the Rainbow Bridge”.

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow bridge was originally popularized in Middle Ages by its mentions in Nordic myths, legends, and works of art, but today, many centuries later, the term Rainbow Bridge is today fairly common and associated with many real structures, works of literature, paintings and many other forms of art.